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              It's Payback Time!

What would you do if the United States Supreme Court willfully and wrongfully protected the Commonwealth of PA for committing fraud in a Federal Court of law. Well I have all the evidence which was submitted to the U. S. Supreme Court and I want the American People to judge these judges and lawmakers. I swear all this evidence is in court records and the fraud by PA was not addressed. The evidence documented on this website will rock your world so bad you may want to leave this country if we can't fix it. As an Honorable Discharged Veteran I am totally appalled that this could happen in America. If you read all of this evidence on this website you will see why I went nuclear and you may want to join me or not: things could get nasty....

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Here's a Preview of our legal system: The United States Supreme Court can't read so they have implied that fraud committed by any State in a Federal Court is OK. Our Supreme Court of the United States only hears between 2%-3%  of the cases presented to them and this court nor Congress has done nothing to change this unconstitutional limited access to our highest court. Do you know what the Supreme Court did when I submitted substantial evidence that the state of Pennsylvania committed fraud upon a federal court of law? That's right they dismissed it! Thus they have protected the state of Pennsylvania for committing fraud upon a Federal Court with the dismissal. Because of this dismissal my ex and the legal system have destroyed a girl's life and mine along with our family and friends. The United States Supreme Court also end-runs our United States Constitution using what the American Indians call a forked tongue. Example: They now allow one person's testimony for conviction of certain crimes and ex post facto law is end-run because they say their ex post facto laws are not really laws. They also have endorsed unfair tax laws because they don't have any math skills and don't understand taxation without representation at all. The American people have become so stressed out from government lawmakers creating laws for everything we do on a daily basis that it borders on insanity, isn't it time the American people stop and take a look at this government fraud which also means trickery. The American People need to stop what they are doing and play an active role in replacing the idiots running this country: even the good ones we elect are blackmailed sooner of later by this fraudulent system. Our government is ruling this country like a Mafia Dictatorship and they are out of control. For example - the Supreme Court should have unbiased judges serving us yet the American People fail to see that both parties want full control about who is placed in the Supreme Court and they fight similar to the drug gangs protecting territory. Citizens, we need to stop WHY they want so much control of these judges. These Judges currently serving continue to end-run our constitution and no one has the balls to stop them so I hope some of my nuclear words strip these assholes of their egos. This may be the sickness time in American history and it going to take a majority of non-government citizens to rectify this out of control government. We can't have Judges stopping National Security Interests when they do not have all the Classified Info the President does. How one Judge can kill an order by our President on National Security concerns, that is insane - a judge surly doesn't have enough Intel to make that decision for our security. As a Honorably Discharged Veteran I am ashamed at what this country has become. When you see people getting tax payer money that they don't deserve or a biased Judge effecting our rights say something even if it's to your neighbor - things might change.

Why this court is so screwed up: The United States Supreme Court receives approximately 7,000-8,000 petitions for a writ of certiorari each Term. This Court grants and hears oral argument in only about 80 cases of  these 7 to 8 thousand petitions: a  ridiculous percentage. Most attorneys have never filed  a petition to the United States Supreme Court  but for those that do, the costs are high.  As an estimate multiply  about 7000 cases times at an estimated cost of say $100,000 to prepare a case and you will begin to see the waste of money with NO RESULTS: this estimate would equal about 7 billion in wasted legal fees: now add what our government spends fighting or winning their case. This legal insanity has to stop!  No one can tell you how many federal  and state laws there are in America  which means there are just too many laws in this country.  Then I hear - ignorance of the law is no excuse: I say kiss my ass. According to a study in 2006, America has more lawyers per person of its population than any of the 29 countries studied (except Greece). Law schools are graduating 34,000 new attorneys each year: I wonder how many had government connections?  We have Congress and the States passing more freaking laws every year and they never take a law off the books and because of that - there are contradictions in our laws so the attorneys thus have new arguments to present every year: they say thank you more money for us! Every read a legal document and wonder what the hell does that mean: these bastards do it on purpose. What does the hidden message mean - it means they will protect each other like a family and will never write anything that could hurt their legal authority. Their protection message says - keep the reading and writing of law beyond the average citizen's intelligence so we can maintain absolute control. Sound like a dictatorship system doesn't it? Yes we need law and order but not from this Mafia Dictatorship in play now!

Final Note before I show you the fraud of Pennsylvania: Look at the insanity of our Congress today, they act like little children. Right now we have a divided Congress and both sides are seriously handicapped.  We Americans sit and watch these idiots and many side with one of the other but the fact is nothing is getting done in America. So it seems America is totally out of control and another reason why I have gone nuclear. Congress is more worried about what might have been said to Russia and not worried at all about our economy concerns or National Security. What we know for sure there is that we have a serious problem with ISIS and the economy so if Russia won't help this a problem. I think if Russia people left the Soviet Union and are now sick of their new government - let those Russian people make the decision to ask Russia to help.  One more thing - if anybody affected our election it was our own legal system.


The Proof of Pennsylvania's Fraud